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10/27/2015 | 4:21:17 PM
Re: Positional...
More "evil" perhaps is how Comcast for YEARS refused to enable the simple authentication needed to let services like HBO Go work over the Roku. I still don't think those services work via Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Less relevent as the standalone HBO Now comes into play, but I still found that to be an obnoxious and under-reported move.
10/26/2015 | 9:44:32 PM
Re: Positional...
Although I can't quite put my finger on wny, there seems to be something suspiciously "evil" about Comcast trying an app for Roku. It would seem that Roku's business plan might be in jeapardy if Comcast could send it's entire programming through the box. The plan would seem to get Comcast a monopoly on programming and why wouldn't they just make their own version of Rokus boxes to sell to non-cable customers?
10/16/2015 | 11:13:53 AM
Re: Positional...
Fortunately for cable ops Apple hasn't shown the same chops with TV as they have with hardware. They've been very resistant to Apple's ideas of offering its own cable box though, worried that Apple would do to TV what they initially did to music.

I think the app ecosystem works pretty well on devices like Roku and Chromecast though. 

10/15/2015 | 9:57:40 PM
Re: Positional...
TV Apps sound like an interesting thought experiment, but I'm still skeptical about how effective they will be. 

It still seems like Apple has had a stranglehold over the consumer apps ecosystem. So I keep wondering: Is it going to take Apple to enter into television in a bit way in order for TV Apps to be successful?
10/14/2015 | 1:26:58 PM
I think they're in a nice position right now with the living room still being so cable box dependent, but that power's going to erode pretty quickly once people are able to pick and choose the devices of their choice (assuming Internet video takes further flight and the FCC's set to box reform efforts aren't a complete shit show).

At that point it comes down to wanting to buy content and hardware from a cable company with a history of clunky, horrible GUIs, and hungrier companies like Roku who've actually shown some innovative streaks in the presentation of Internet video data...

Or maybe I'm just somebody with a revolutionary mindset engaged in wishful thinking.

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