DanJones 9/29/2015 | 7:53:47 PM
Qualcomm weighs in Qualcomm weighs in with support for the NB-LTE accord. Not much we didn't already know here but worth noting I think.
DanJones 9/29/2015 | 7:51:07 PM
Re: Let's hope it is true harmony As far as I can tell from the 3GPP documents, they were never considering LoRA or SigFox as possible specifications. (Someone please chime in if you know otheriwse.) NB-CIoT and NB-LTE were the rival specifications in front of the 3GPP.

Note: That doesn't mean that SigFox or LoRA couldn't gain substainial traction in the market place, they have a headstart on the NB-LTE specification for one.
wongtony168 9/24/2015 | 4:07:50 PM
Re: Let's hope it is true harmony It sounds like that the Sigfox and LoRa are out.  EC-GSM fell though the crack? and Clean Slate was the winner?  Please confirm.  Thanks.
DanJones 9/21/2015 | 1:25:05 PM
Re: EC-GSM Not yet, but I can find out.
Ryan Hickey 9/21/2015 | 1:19:07 PM
EC-GSM Very interesting development. Thanks for the information. Do you know if EC-GSM is still in the picture?
DanJones 9/21/2015 | 10:44:06 AM
Re: Let's hope it is true harmony There was still plenty of papers on Cellular IoT in the latest meeting so....
[email protected] 9/21/2015 | 6:22:29 AM
Let's hope it is true harmony The industry needs true harmony over a single specification. Let's hope the usual industry wrangles don't muddy the waters.