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9/28/2015 | 1:49:36 PM
Re: Smart Cities
kq4ym, you are absolutely correct.  This effort will not provide enough support to "sponsor" Smart Cities alone. They will ony stimulate the interest and "contribute". 

First of all, I am noticing all the federal agencies (i.e., Commerce, NSF, NIST,  Homeland Security), are now announcing pilot grants, mostly in the neighborhood of $20-$40 million dollars.

Some states are now creating tax incentives and investment funds to foster the development of technology hubs and making it a part of economic development.

Cities have been, as reported in Light Reading, partnering with connectivity with the telcomms and industry.

What I believe is that it requires a combination of private investment with city hosts in infrastructure.  When it has local engagement and support and serves the regional business interests, there are not only enough funds but it becomes sustainable.   That is what I believe is necessary to make this truly work.  So I fully believe that public/private partnerships are the key.
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9/28/2015 | 12:24:03 PM
Re: Smart Cities
Although it seems like minimal sums allocated it should not hurt the movement to smart city movements. But, still only "$115 million in proposed spending and investments dedicated to creating specific new solutions," seems almost not enough and I wonder how that amount will be fairly spread out to enable the most probable success with the monies. 
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9/15/2015 | 4:12:37 PM
Re: Smart Cities
msilbey, this is really great and makes good sense. 

I am working with Smart Cities and several projects here in southern California with IBM Smart Cities and Analytics. What this does is create a platform that builds "connected communities" (a term NSF is focusing on with investments in Smart and Connected Communities).  It enables regional planning on key areas such as transportation (a priority in California), goods movement, healthcare, etc. 

I also see it becoming a sustainable foundation, as you point out, for investments in gigabyte cities, SDN, NFV, etc.

This could be exciting!

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