mendyk 9/14/2015 | 2:30:52 PM
Re: Executive trash talk National elections are also a huge revenue generator for broadcasters and cable companies. At this point, the economic model for "the system" is that big money is funneling through candidates and PACs and going to the media outlets that most big money, candidates, and PACs say they despise. So one of the reasons we now have an 18-month (and growing) election cycle is that it's good for business.
brooks7 9/14/2015 | 2:21:22 PM
Re: Executive trash talk Until the field narrows and people have to start taking things seriously.  I mean who is paying attention to next year's election already?  At the Presidential Level, I can ignore the whole thing.  I live in California so that means we are voting for the Democratic Nominee.  So none of it makes any difference to me other than it occupies valuable TV time.



mendyk 9/14/2015 | 11:21:15 AM
Re: Executive trash talk It also helps you get to the front of the pack in a political race, apparently.
sowen557 9/14/2015 | 11:19:29 AM
Re: Executive trash talk Doesnt hurt to make a remark against established players in the marketplace.  Gets you some good press "Lightreading will eat this up!" and gets people out of a status quo looking at an upstart. 
brooks7 9/14/2015 | 10:35:32 AM
Re: Executive trash talk Yeah and his trash talk is pretty much what is required for a small competitor.  Think about something mundane like a car.  You could make the same arguments that he is making about car manufacturers.  They really do about the same thing that they have been doing for the last 100 years.

Which is the question.  Does the ADC/Load Balancer market need a technology disruption?  If so what is it and why?  


mendyk 9/14/2015 | 10:09:26 AM
Executive trash talk This seems to be a trend now -- execs calling out their competitors in unflattering ways. The ones who do this certainly call attention to themselves, but not too long ago these statements would have been classified as cheap shots.
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