Joe Stanganelli 8/31/2015 | 11:36:54 PM
Re: Parental leave @Sarah: For that reason, I am naturally suspicious of any company that boasts a "take as much time off whenever you feel like it" policy (something that has become trendy with a lot of startups).  I suppose that in some companies, this policy works great, but I also imagine that in others, it could very well lead to a culture of guilt and shame for employees who take any time off.

As for unconscious bias, I had a law professor who wrote a paper about unconscious bias in the workplace.  Perhaps I can look it up.
Sarah Thomas 8/31/2015 | 4:57:49 PM
Re: Parental leave I could definitely see that about hiring someone who is pregnant both because of conscious and unconscious bias.

I would think, however, in companies with mandated parental leave policies, there would be less judgement/push back. If your employer says, parental leave = xyz time off, you would just take it all, versus "well, you can take up to a year; your call." I suppose it's hard to be off for that long either way though.
Joe Stanganelli 8/30/2015 | 11:23:52 PM
Parental leave Of course, employer bias against parental leave is universal, and isn't limited to STEM.  It's something I've seen a lot as an attorney dealing with employment issues (for both men and women) and is a bit of an open secret.  Is it unlawful for a company to refuse to hire a woman because she's 7 months pregnant?  Absolutely.  Is that law enforceable / is a company's violation of that law proveable?  Not really.
Sarah Thomas 8/28/2015 | 8:01:52 AM
WiC in Dallas I hope you all can join us for WiC networking breakfast in Dallas on Sept. 16! It's going to be a great morning.

If you can't, please feel free to leave your questions for our speakers here. I will be sure to ask them during the panel discussion.
Sarah Thomas 8/28/2015 | 8:00:42 AM
Netflix By the way, I'm not calling out Netflix here as I think it's good that they are trying to help women (and men) in their new parental leave policy. I think trying something like this is better than doing nothing. I'm just not sure how it will play out in practice. I think we'll need to watch closely and see.