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9/10/2015 | 5:12:31 PM
Re: Asset swaps?
It would be interesting to know more about just how the central government is involved in decisions and allocations of rights to the companies. And how politics might be factors in leadership and growth or even non-growth.
R Clark
R Clark
8/30/2015 | 11:25:00 PM
Needs private investment

There are a few rumours about China Telecom and China Unicom merging, or about breaking up Unicom, but no one seems to be taking them seriously. The management swap-out is  routine and won't make much difference to anything and in particular the biggest problem, which is getting high-speed broadband rolled out.

There's nowhere near enough broadband capacity and prices are high, so the telecom industry is holding back the government's big internet-plus plan and is making consumers angry. Under the Xi govt the MIIT has been taking all the right steps, like spinning off the mobile towers and bringing in MVNOs, but it's just been doing them very slowly. It's also talking about private investment in broadband, but that's only just in the  early trial stage.

Some of the ideas are workable, like doing muni networks and private co-investment with MNOs, but after the recent fiascos in economic management it's hard to see any officials making bold moves.

8/29/2015 | 11:25:25 AM
Re: Asset swaps?
Right -- that is my point. Markets in China will continue to be greatly influenced if not outright directed by the central government.
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
8/28/2015 | 11:18:54 PM
Re: Asset swaps?
re: "Up to now..."

Who's to say that's not still the case, and that the moves are merely giving us the appearance of more direct competition while the government continues to heavily influence?
8/28/2015 | 10:33:21 AM
Re: Asset swaps?
The government there has never had to have any clarity for the decisions they make. That's the way they like it. 

I agree with you this needs to be done, but it reflects a bigger problem in China: The need for reform in the way the country operates with state owned enterprises dominating the market. 
8/28/2015 | 10:11:02 AM
Re: Asset swaps?
Up to now, this market has been tightly controlled by the government in that the three operators generally have not competed head to head in any significant way. I understand that is changing to some extent, but I would be surprised if this becomes a fully deregulated and competitive market.
[email protected]
8/28/2015 | 6:25:59 AM
Asset swaps?
There is a suggestion that China Telcom and Unicome might swap assets so that one becomes a pure play mobile operator and the other a pure play fixed line operator.

That sounds like a step backwards.

Would it not make more sense to have three operators all with fixed and mobile operations?

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