Mitch Wagner 8/31/2015 | 10:49:53 AM
Re: Smart A public company like Apple, Amazon, and Cisco (under Chambers) can do those things, if the stockholders have enormous faith in the CEO based on the CEO's historical ability to deliver. (Although what, if anything, Bezos is delivering to stockholders is a separate quesiton. The stockholders seem to love him anyway, though.)
danielcawrey 8/27/2015 | 11:59:42 PM
Re: Smart These are exactly the types of things that I expected Dell to do once they went private. 

Because they don't face the public quarterly criticism from investors, they are able to do things I think their competitors aren't going to be able to. I think that makes them much smarter than many of their rivals that may chase after them in some of these markets. 
Mitch Wagner 8/26/2015 | 7:10:43 PM
Smart Very smart move by dell. This market is like a hybrid between the traditional data center market and hypercloud. The scale is similar to hypercloud, as well as the need for custom solutions. However, the companies in this new market segment don't have the wherewithal to write their own custom technology from the metal up, like the hypercloud providers do.