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8/25/2015 | 3:09:38 PM
Content....still king!
I keep running this through my mind, and at the end of the day (pipe) it still seems like a lot businesses have to get out of channel and into pure content creation.

Like right now, I'm streaming the episodes of Aquarius from NBC.   I use the NBC android app, set up my tablet to mirror to Chromecast and watch it on my TV.    In that instance I've completely short circuited not only The Cable...but the Portal (Netflix, Hulu, etc).  

Now Aquarius has commercials, but you know, besides binging on series like Bloodline I also watch classics like the Shield on Crackle, also with commericals.  Even though Netflix got me unused to commercials, you know what...I sometimes like having the breaks instead of watching a show straight for one or two hours!

When you put it all together, it seems like for media, the CenturyLink's of the world will be this SDN configurable host capable of media delivery.   You are then left with two jobs: (1) Creating Content that people want to watch.  (2) Charging money.

If you creaate quality shows like Aquarius, you might not need a Portal to collect the money, you can use advertising.  Just like good old fashioned broadcast TV.  Again, that leaves a new kind of creativity.  One where anyone can kickstart a TV series or movie and put it out there.   Just like they've always done with websites but funded at a higher more institutional level (that is, not YouTube).



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