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mendyk 8/18/2015 | 8:39:31 AM
Re: Amazon's drones in the UK first When those of us who remain get to December 31 of the year in question, we'll probably come to the conclusion that 2020 was just another year, like all the others. We tend to point to it because, like 2000, it sounds important.
Lola1 8/18/2015 | 5:51:30 AM
Re: Who needs unions And i want to see the results of this drones experience, because i think it can make delivery faster and i hope too the employees will be treats better.
mendyk 8/17/2015 | 1:40:27 PM
Re: Who needs unions There are some "boycott Amazon" murmurs surfacing in the wake of the Times story. But the people who are getting abused in this case are mainly highly educated and overachieving young professionals who have options. So there's little reason to stop shopping. 
Susan Fourtané 8/17/2015 | 1:39:43 PM
Amazon's drones in the UK first Drone delivery is getting a lot of support. Mail delivery will not get any better. Drone delivery replacing mail delivery can be considered already as a fact which will happen sooner rather than later, even if it will take some years, as Bezos says. I don't think it will take more than five years. The year 2020 is expected to bring big changes, and mark the start of an exciting decade. Drones will be part of that excitement. -Susan
KBode 8/17/2015 | 12:58:28 PM
Re: Who needs unions I'm sure it's all quite relative. Amazon's funky, dog-friendly hip Seattle work place surely makes working in blue-collar America for peanuts seem like a dream.

But yeah, I'm sure Amazon HR is incredibly responsive to complaints that the workplace is draconian.

But I'm in Seattle a lot and don't here many good things from Amazon or Microsoft employees these days.
mendyk 8/17/2015 | 12:20:34 PM
Re: Who needs unions Nobody within the company is going to tell the CEO that he's running a massive sweatshop. It's admirable, though, that employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, since that's probably the only opportunity they have to spend time with their furry friends. Regarding drones, the only benefit would be for the company delivering the goods, and that benefit will sweat even more human jobs out of the market. So I doubt that regulators care much about losing that race.
KBode 8/17/2015 | 11:31:36 AM
Re: Who needs unions Seriously. When you visit Seattle everyone talks about how Amazon is hard to work for. That this is "news" to the CEO is quite telling.

As for drones, I imagine this is largely about trying to prod U.S. regulators to speed up and pare down regulations if they don't want the benefits of drone delivery to fly across the pond. I still doubt we see serious use of this technology for major delivery anytime soon either way.
mendyk 8/17/2015 | 9:55:33 AM
Who needs unions Let's hope Amazon treats its drones a little better than it treats its employees.
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