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8/31/2015 | 5:59:48 PM
Re: Cox gigabit
For the average residential cable internet service subscriber I suspect that a 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up service along with a nice 1 TB of data transfer usage allowance would do nicely for today. But for those who run home based businesses or small businesses those limits might not work out too well in the near future.

I know of some small businesses that could easily utilize a 1,000 Mbps down/ 100 Mbps up connectiion with a good 10 TB of data transfer allowed. CAD file transfers, CAM program transfers, and video conferences with clients. There is where you could use a large pipe and a generous usage allowance. One business I know of is planning to quit DSL and go to cable next month to get ten times the data transfer rate for the same price. He will not have "unlimited" data transfer anymore, but he needs faster file transfers to keep clients satisfied. He will have to see if 250 GB is enough of a data transfer allowance. If it is not enough he can go up a couple of tiers and get 1,000 GB for double the cost.

8/28/2015 | 2:25:02 PM
Re: Cox gigabit
"Do you need a gig? is the WRONG question. Do you need ESPN? Do you need Fox? Do you need HBO?  Do you need a Big Mac? Do you need a craft beer? If you are willing and able to buy at a reasonable price, and vendors in some places are willing to sell to you at that price, but in other places, with other state laws and municipal regulations, they are not willing to do so, then you have a problem.

The question is always are you willing and able to buy and anyone who talks about "need," especially if someone else is talking about what YOU need, you should be highly suspicious.

Rollie Cole, PhD, JD
Founder, Fertile Ground for Startups, Small Firms, and Nonprofits
"Think Small to Grow Big"
Author of WHOLESALE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT http://preview.tinyurl.com/wholesaleeconomics
8/15/2015 | 11:46:04 AM
Re: Cox gigabit
Do people really need gigabit service? While I do think it's great to have this in urban areas where companies need to have a lot of bandwidth, I'm not sure I would need it. This is especially true if the service costs a lot of money. 

I keep harping that perhaps in the future with virtual reality I will need a lot more speed and gigabit is probably the answer then.  But until that happens, I don't see the point in paying more than I already do. 
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
8/14/2015 | 6:49:24 PM
Cox gigabit
I'm in San Diego but Cox's online locator tool says gigabit isn't available in my area. Curses!

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