t.bogataj 8/11/2015 | 7:22:14 AM
Bad CEO! White-box switching has risen to become #3 switching platform globally. We can believe Infonetics even if we remain skeptic to vendors' claims.

So what Arista is actually saying is "We're lousy in this". Not exactly a statement any company should make publicly.

BigBro 8/10/2015 | 12:46:14 PM
Re: "What is your greatest weakness?" Mitch: exactly!

And the only competition I see is from white box vendors, not any of those pesky upstarts that I'm suing, and which are taking actual market share from me...  ;)
Mitch Wagner 8/10/2015 | 10:53:33 AM
Re: "What is your greatest weakness?" BigBro - My greatest weakness is I work too hard. Also, I'm too much of a perfectionist. :)

BigBro 8/7/2015 | 8:01:19 PM
"What is your greatest weakness?" Maybe John Chambers said white box is his biggest worry because naming an actual competitor would just have given that competitor credibility. Kinda like that interview question "what is your greatest weakness?" You are not supposed to actually answer that one "honestly". :)
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