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7/31/2015 | 2:56:50 PM
Re: Is there a Banana?!?!
The march is continuing though--whether we like it or not.    The key is to not be overwhelmed by it but harness the true possiblities.     It is fascinating to continue being witness to history though.

Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
7/31/2015 | 10:10:07 AM
Re: Is there a Banana?!?!
Reminds me of predictions that computers will become ubiquitous and invisible, as electric motors have done. 
7/30/2015 | 7:53:01 PM
Is there a Banana?!?!
As far as the Banana is concerned, I hope so :-)

On a more serious note, though, it is about expanding the possiblities of computing.     I hope to have updates on it over the ensuing months as I get my own and create a system around it to see what it will actually do--it is in some ways like Keepod that I noted in comments.


Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
7/30/2015 | 2:01:11 PM
Re: No question...
That $9 computer looks interesting. How do they envision it being used?

And does it come with a banana? :)
7/30/2015 | 12:51:32 AM
No question...
...the question is what kind of an incentive and opportunity they want to have or should have?   Open Source can't be stopped though.  This is epitomized by this:


I've bought one and eager to get my hands on one--they claim that both the hardware and software is totally open source.

Sign of things to come?


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