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7/31/2015 | 8:42:45 AM
Re: Too many oeufs in one basket
Patrice -- I agree that there are areas that are underserved (as is the case in many countries, including the U.S.), but the cost of reaching those areas with wireline service is high, and the potential returns are fairly low. For those areas, wireless broadband is probably going to be the de facto solution. We hear so much about smaller markets like Singapore and South Korea being so far ahead in broadband deployment -- physical geography has a lot to do with that perceived leadership.
7/31/2015 | 3:09:30 AM
Re: Too many oeufs in one basket
They need to tap into the "country side" market, french is a vast country and there are still lots of people without decent broadband, here in the wood yards we're happy if we have 1mb/s DSL !  people are willing to pay big bugs for 5mb/s ! (and yes it's not even that much!!!)
7/30/2015 | 1:39:30 AM
Good for the French people
It's good for the French people that the deal didn't go through. Fewer service providers would have resulted in lesser competition, higher prices, fewer choices.
7/29/2015 | 12:13:48 PM
Too many oeufs in one basket
It's pretty clear that Altice will need to expand into new national markets if it wants to have meaningful growth. The fact that 70% of its revenue is coming from a market with one too many competitors and a shrinking revenue base suggests no other alternative if acquisition of a competitor is out of the question.

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