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7/27/2015 | 10:13:34 PM
Re: Of course not
Finally, we may be seeing the end to bloated cable servies. I don't need many channels, and this is why Stream is making a lot of sense to me. 

What could happen is that Stream will cannibalize other cable packages. But I think the end goal for Comcast here is to juice up the number of subscribers and then figure out how to sell more services on top at some point in the future. 
steve q
steve q
7/24/2015 | 10:24:49 PM
Re: Of course not
I have cut cable out all together and just verizon internet but they must come down on price . After 5 years and still no faster speed that sad. They looking at there mobile services and leaving fios behind which I see as a mistake.
7/24/2015 | 3:46:51 PM
Seriously considering Comcast
I've been a FiOS customer for 4 years, but I could seriously see subscribing to Comcast's Stream and Dish TV (for ESPN) and calling that good. That would get me the broadcast networks and HBO with a cloud DVR plus live sports for $35 total. Not a bad deal. 
7/24/2015 | 12:07:15 PM
Of course not

I am a Comcast sub and my son and I concluded that we could cord cut the day I figure out how to get sports.  That is why I think it will take a long time for Stream to get revenue.  I could easily subscribe to 4 - 5 OTT services and get lots of premium channels and still pay a lot less than my linear cable.  The problem with that today is that the MLB and NBA products require me to be Out of Market for streaming.  I think I could figure out some proxy server that I could use to look out of market, but still.



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