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brooks7 7/15/2015 | 9:41:10 AM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? Uverse would be a violation if this is. Seven
kjsing 7/14/2015 | 4:45:13 PM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? That would be a dangerous parth for Comcast to take. I think they are better off selling their service as one where customers can call Comcast if they have reception issues. In case of a Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. service I assume it is difficult for a subscriber to point the finger to one party in case of reception issues. But, I have not tried it or had to before (knock on wood), so I am speculating on the fact that a 3rd party service would have difficulties resolving my reception issues.
cnwedit 7/14/2015 | 4:39:23 PM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? I'm not intentionally implying a Net Neutrality violation, although that's an interesting point.

"Managed IP service" is what I was told by Comcast, but that may be the same terminlogy they use to describe their Internet service. 
kjsing 7/14/2015 | 4:36:02 PM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? I was under the impression that the service is available to Comcast internet subscribers. Same IP circuit, same Docsis modem to get Comcast's streaming packets or Netflix's to a subscriber's home. Are you implying net neutrality violation?
mendyk 7/14/2015 | 3:04:51 PM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? So then it's a super-stripped-down video package -- HBO and over-the-air channels for $15 a month. Seems like a pretty weird but possibly useful trial balloon in this context.
cnwedit 7/14/2015 | 1:56:15 PM
Re: No streaming to a TV screen? One thing that is different about this service, which Comcast is NOT calling an OTT service, by the way. 

The in-home Screen video is delivered over a managed IP network, not the public Internet, for better quality than some other services. 
kjsing 7/14/2015 | 1:03:22 PM
No streaming to a TV screen? How more moribund can Comcast get? Don't they realize that millenials also watch the big screen? Has Comcast heard about SmartTV, Chromecast, Firestick, Roku, AppleTV, ...? I can get Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. on any device ... including my big screen. My son, a millenial, watches streaming content on all screens, including the big one. This latest announcement from Comcast is simply a teaser to get streaming customers to buy into their more expensive offerings only available through their set-top boxes.
mendyk 7/14/2015 | 8:57:18 AM
Re: Uh So far, all the OTT offerings from conventional providers are crafted first and foremost to either maintain or improve their profit margins, rather than being created first and foremost to address what they perceive as a serious threat to their business. This latest Comcast offer is just another in a growing group of undistinguished and indistinguishable "options" -- sort of like what's happening in the runup to the 2016 US Presidential election.
kq4ym 7/14/2015 | 8:39:30 AM
Re: Uh Aiming at a segment that "appears to target bargain cable users willing to pay a little extra for the OTT service on multiple devices in the home," may raise a bit of profit. I don't think I'm in that particular market segment but there must be millions who are.
mendyk 7/13/2015 | 4:27:08 PM
Re: Uh My understanding is the initial version will be local broadcast TV and HBO only. Yes, at $15 a month it's cheap, but there's a lot that you're not getting for that low price.
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