CEO/Mark26632 10/27/2015 | 2:48:29 PM
When?? WHEN?? WHEN?? Why is it taking so long to bring out technology that has been around for years. The Charter DVR is absolutely the worst DVR I have ever seen. It's like owning a really old, crappy, VCR. They should be ashamed. Every day with their DVR is a day where I want to scream at the tv. ROLL OUT NATIONWIDE!!!! ROLL OUT!!
thebulk 7/9/2015 | 12:07:18 AM
Re: Not enough How about something really special, no box at all.... 
Mitch Wagner 7/8/2015 | 12:53:24 PM
Not enough Set-top boxes are great, but not enough. How about getting new subscribers a pony, too. 
mhhf1ve 7/8/2015 | 11:59:32 AM
What is the difference that will make this deal go through? Is it the size of this deal -- it will still be smaller than Comcast. Or that Charter doesn't own media properties like NBC? Will charter need to promise not to buy a TV network or get into the content business?