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roundm 7/9/2015 | 4:30:33 AM
Re: Let's call it Sdn Nfv Architecture Stop refering to me as Layer 8


clarkede 7/8/2015 | 7:27:16 PM
Good to see IBM joining the wider industry effort on NFV-SDN It is good to see that IBM has now joined the wider industry to make NFV and SDN a reality. The point of the ETSI NFV ISG work is to encourage growth of an open ecosystem by converging industry requirements and working to encourage interoperability (i.e. to make it "operationally viable" to use IBM's phraseology). The vast majority of NFV ISG participants (over 270 companies including 37 service providers) who have invested time and effort in this endeavor - including creating 38 multi-company PoCs, would not consider it to be an "academic" exercise. I hope this announcement heralds more active engagement by IBM to collaborate with the wider industry to make that open ecosystem a reality.
DHagar 7/7/2015 | 1:14:39 PM
Re: Clarity most welcome Ariella, exactly - good point.  If they stay focused, this should fit in nicely and be an extension of their platform.  They definitely can be a leader.
Duh! 7/7/2015 | 12:31:27 PM
Re: Let's call it Sdn Nfv Architecture You realize that the youngsters have absolutely no idea what that joke is about?
brooks7 7/7/2015 | 10:35:27 AM
Re: Let's call it Sdn Nfv Architecture "Or, SNA"

That made me laugh from my PU 2.1 to my LU 6.2....


Ariella 7/7/2015 | 9:03:29 AM
Re: Clarity most welcome @DHagar IBM has also been pushing its Watson cognitive system technology lately. The idea is to get the attention of businesses who can use its PaaS for very advanced data analytics that works in real time with unstructured data. 
azironen1 7/7/2015 | 1:52:51 AM
Let's call it Sdn Nfv Architecture  

DHagar 7/6/2015 | 5:03:37 PM
Re: Clarity most welcome MitchWagner, yes, and if they will truly develop the next generation capability, as Ray has suggested, and not just repackage what exists.  It will take the clear and consistent commitment you mention.

DHagar 7/6/2015 | 4:59:53 PM
Re: Clarity most welcome danielcawrey, agreed.  IBM has the ability to put things together and develop the markets for their platform of virtualization, big data and analytics.  It could really provide a viable framework for telcos and other players and advance the markets if they do.
Mitch Wagner 7/6/2015 | 3:35:35 PM
Re: Clarity most welcome IBM has been sending mixed messages about its future in networking for a year and a half, since rumors began swirling that it was selling off its networking business. Hopefully, the company can start sending a consistent and positive message in the future. 
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