sowen557 7/3/2015 | 12:42:11 PM
Re: Ambitious cloud-based assurance Cant speak for all of Africa but in Nigeria the largest African Nation, more than 50% of the population doesnt have access to electricity.  All cities suffer from constant flows of electricity and you want to provide a cloud service here?  Can it deliver Electricity?


Gabriel Brown 7/3/2015 | 10:54:47 AM
Re: Ambitious cloud-based assurance  And to give Orange its due, it identified the benefits of a centralized cloud to serve its African operations some years ago -- at least three, from memory.
[email protected] 7/3/2015 | 5:46:42 AM
Ambitious cloud-based assurance There's no doubt there are real gains to be had from shared, cloud-based resources that cover multiple operating territories, but for such strategies to work a reliable end-to-end network infrastructure is needed in addition to well connected data center assets and a very clear understanding of the regulations that couod impact such operations.

THis is a very interesting development!
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