Executiv37157 11/27/2015 | 2:17:41 PM
Agreed This aquisition will allow Cisco to provide Secure, Managed Services for its many Clients with longterm contracts.

Jason Lebrecht

DHagar 7/6/2015 | 1:47:37 PM
Re: Cisco to Buy OpenDNS danielcawrey, that should work!  It sounds as if they really understand how to get the value out of acqusitions.  This should give them a really good position.

Thanks for info.
danielcawrey 7/3/2015 | 8:40:51 PM
Re: Cisco to Buy OpenDNS My guess is that they will leave the pricing alone, and enable Cisco's sales people to offer this as part of a security package. 

I could be wrong about this, but Cisco has had a reputation for doing well with acquistions. It's almost it's primary business – acquire, acquire, acquire!
DHagar 7/2/2015 | 4:05:28 PM
Re: Cisco to Buy OpenDNS Iain, sounds like a great move for Cisco, but I guess the real test will be whether they enhance the OpenDNS product or inhibit it, by changing the pricing, access (i.e., only through the new Cisco platform), etc.  If they truly enhance the access, everyone will win.

Clearly, the focus on security systems to "manage" the growing threats makes this a promising acquisition.  It appears that the sustainable leaders will be those who can deliver ongoing security services that will retain their customers (i.e., the OpenDNS model).