Joe Stanganelli 6/30/2015 | 10:30:56 PM
IoE? Mildly tangential question: Is Cisco abandoning their personal branding of IoT as "IoE"/"Internet of Everything"?  The article makes no mention of IoE, and my interactions with Cisco reps lately on IoT-related subjects have been devoid of "IoE" mentions.
DHagar 6/30/2015 | 7:33:48 PM
Re: Cisco's IoT Platform Sara Thomas, you certainly reported a cutting edge story, as always!

Here's a link with more info. and a diagram that answers my questions


It appears it will be a "managed network" and that the fog computing pillars will integrate the sensors.
DHagar 6/30/2015 | 4:37:54 PM
Re: Cisco's IoT Platform Sarah Thomas, good article and great leadership on the part of Cisco.  Their ecosystem design seems perfectly suited to them, their network, vision, etc.

Two questions I have are:

1.  Are they envisioning an open platform or integrated pillars and products off of the Cisco system?

2.  In their pillars they have an apps segment, I am wondering what their design is for the sensors that are data points within the IoT? Are they going to field all sensors, deal with key manufacturers?

Sounds as if they are well positioned to be a true leader in IoT!
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