Kruz 6/30/2015 | 3:26:32 AM
Needed Charging batteries by human movement is a well needed innovation. Smartphones have quickly evolved in the last years but no developements were seen in relation to battery(other than Samsung investing in battery R&D and its promise to provide a new technology).
thebulk 6/29/2015 | 12:48:37 PM
Re: More about Infinera/Transmode... I am sure they wont be relaxed until it closes, but right now is there any real talk about trying to shoot it down? 
DOShea 6/29/2015 | 11:31:48 AM
More about Infinera/Transmode... Here's the full release from Transmode on its positive response to the adjusted offer:


The acquisition offer needs to be accepted by shareholders representing "more than 90% of the total shares of Transmode," according to Infinera's original statement, so you can see why they created another option. There earlier had been reports the deal could close a little later than first expected. 


There doesn't appear to be any sense of panic here, but I'll bet it's going to be difficult for folks in the Infinera and Transmode exec suites to have much of a relaxing summer until it does close.
nasimson 6/29/2015 | 11:18:03 AM
whats in the deal for Telefonica? Telefónica is hoping to benefit from economies of scale by entering
> into a joint smartphone procurement program with China Unicom Ltd. 
> with the intention of selecting handsets based on shared specifications.

Telefonica is a big telecom group in itself with many operations across countries. Does it need even more scale when it comes to handset procurement. 

I can understand it from China Unicom's perspective. Gaining economies against China Mobile. But whats in the deal for Telefonica?