AlokT518 6/24/2015 | 8:50:25 PM
Interworking of NFVi and VNFs Can your company demonstrate inter-working of those VNFs on other vendors' NFV infrastructure (NFVi)? : HP says No.

Can your company demonstrate inter-working between its NFVI and other vendors' VNFs? : HP says No.

This is indeed surprising (shocking?), especially if we consider the list of HP OpenNFV Application Partners on its website, which keeps growing every month. Have you double checked with HP and are they indeed comfortable replying "No" to these 2 questions?

Steve Saunders 6/28/2015 | 12:23:45 PM
Re: Interworking of NFVi and VNFs I think the ony thing shocking about the responses is probably HP's high desgree of honesty in answering the questions. Interoperability is a big issue right now in the open surce virtualized space; kudos to HP fr not just "checking the box" when that would have been the simplest response (and the one other vendors might have been tempted to opt for). 

Light Reading is planning some interoperability tests this year to get to the bottom of which works with what... stay tuned for that. 
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