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6/30/2015 | 9:57:10 AM
2 News Items of Interest
GTT and AT&T sign new interconnect agreement: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/gtt-and-att-enter-into-an-interconnection-agreement-2015-06-30

New Streaming Media blog post: http://blog.streamingmedia.com/2015/06/isps-not-causing-network-slowdowns.html
R Clark
R Clark
6/25/2015 | 2:46:13 AM
Re: New doubts about The Guardian's story
Really no surprise here (regardless of the accuracy of the Grauniad piece). Net neutrality is complicated and really does require some sustained network monitoring and reporting.  Personally I've always wondiered if it would be worth it - just how much monitoring in how many network points would provide enough awareness about the totality of a network?  To be continued.
6/24/2015 | 3:53:41 PM
Transparent Peering agreements...
I'm wondering if any economists have an opinion on how this market would be affected if all peering agreements were transparent to the govt. I'm sure there are a lot of deals made behind closed doors that might not look so great if they were made public... but it might not be necessary to make peering agreements public -- as long as some agency was able to reasonably decide what was fair..?

6/24/2015 | 3:51:56 PM
New doubts about The Guardian's story
Analyst Dan Rayburn is now reporting that the study The Guardian references didn't really exist. Instead, it appears someone pulled data using M-Labs' Network Diagnostic Tool and cited that data as a study.

See: http://blog.streamingmedia.com/2015/06/the-guardians-story-is-bogus.html

And see the latest M-Labs blog post: http://www.measurementlab.net/blog/interconnection_and_measurement_update

Regardless of the data, the issues raised are still relevant, but it would be nice not to have this debate muddled with more inaccuracies. 

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