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6/21/2015 | 11:00:39 AM
Re: Sorry for no fistfight
Now that was one weird sculpture at the San Jose airport. Although I wasn't sure what the motion was. But, there certainly was lots of apparent motion at the conference and lots of liquids flowing it seems as well.
6/19/2015 | 12:34:58 PM
Sorry for no fistfight
When your goal is to change an industry by brining everyone together you have to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Attending ONS was not about "hanging around" but engaging with a range of people who care deeply about SDN. I don't agree with everyone but yet seek to engage respectfuly and constructively. If you saw the closing keynote panel you saw Guru and myself have a spirited discussion about open source models. Many have questioned whether large companies can come together and truly build a platform for SDN. The Eclipse project was really the first of a new kind of projects which showed that large corporations could seed a successful open source community, not just help scale an existing one - since then we've seen many other promising attempts. When you are trying to do something momentus, challenging and highly impactful there will always be those who question if it is possible. Chris Luke (Comcast) and I tried to address some of these by pointing out why we need a common platform so much and how we're already seeing some encouraging successes. I look forward to continuing to engage with a wide range of people, hopefully to convert them to the idea that it is better to work to improve something than simply pointing out from afar where it is defficient. 

Neela Jacques

Executive Director, OpenDaylight project

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