WilliamofOccam 6/17/2015 | 9:13:28 PM
FCC should probably just stay put for the time being The LTE-LAA solution is currently being worked out in 3GPP and will probably be fully standardized only by the end of the Release 13 cycle (say Dec.2016). In between, there will lots of opportunities for interacting with other interested standard bodies (IEEE, WFA, BRAN). As long as the process is reasonably transparent (and there is no reason to believe it will not be), I expect the resulting solution to be far superior to the LTE-U solution being foisted on the US by the likes of Qualcomm, Verizon, and Samsung. There is no real need for the FCC to weigh in right now, better to just play watchdog (as per its mandate) then getting tempted into playing ringleader and short-circuit the LTE-LAA standardization process.
steve q 6/15/2015 | 6:27:53 PM
Re: WiFight Why does Verizon just use there fois data customer newer ac router . As a way to push the WiFi issue, let's make both work together and move ahead,. Then verizon will be able to use the voice and text over WiFi.
Ariella 6/15/2015 | 2:32:16 PM
Re: WiFight @Sarah What conclusions do you draw when you spot such inconsistencies? Is one side lying? Or do they have different views just due to different acess to infomration? 
Sarah Thomas 6/15/2015 | 1:10:09 PM
WiFight The filings make for good reading if you have the time to peruse them all. You'll see a lot of claims that don't seem to line up. For example, Ericsson says there's been a lot of work done between the 3GPP and IEEE around coexistence between LTE-U and WiFi, while the IEEE says there's been no coordination so far. Several proponents say LTE-U has proven to be a good neighbor in the lab, while opponents say it won't hold up in the real world. It'll be interestesting to see how heavy a hand the FCC will want to have in this.