Gagandeep Kaur 7/1/2015 | 1:26:41 AM
Re: AIM Yes India has one of the highest number of startups in the world. some of the brightest minds are venturing out on their own...but lets see if this wave leads to the birth of companies like Infosys, Wipro which were led by first generation Indian tech entrepreneurs.

it is also leading to a kind of reverse brain drain. While earlier the best students would dream of working in the US, now they [still a small percentage!!] are coming back to venture out on their own. The success of Indian startups is sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs in neighbouring countries... 

nasimson 6/29/2015 | 7:20:12 AM
AIM @Kaur:

This is exciting stuff. India has one of the largest and brightest software engineers. IoT business models proven successful in India will have an implication for dozens of countries: Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc.

Atal Innovation Mission - AIM - deserves a seperate blog of its own. Any possiblity?
sowen557 6/15/2015 | 12:38:11 PM
Anyone making money in IoT? Lots of talk but is there any money to be made in this sector?
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