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Joe Stanganelli 10/20/2015 | 9:08:42 PM
Re: NIA Kick-off > "the NIA will not be creating any specs or standards at all."

I think this is a very important consideration.  Standards can muddy things up and, in the long run, make things more complicated -- while achieving nothing else but discord.

Case in point.
DHagar 6/15/2015 | 6:17:38 PM
Re: Exciting future Susan, agreed - if they play off the same page they can really advance the acceptance of the technology and move things forward.
Susan Fourtané 6/15/2015 | 5:19:15 AM
Exciting future The New IP Agency sounds like a truly innovative idea that was much in need. It's going to be exciting to follow the developments and achievements. 

DHagar 6/12/2015 | 6:41:55 PM
Re: NIA Kick-off Ray, sounds like a good mix of stakeholders.

To truly develop an effective system is going to be as much or more political as technical.  It sounds like they understand that well, have done their homework, and have built a solid foundation. 

We'll keep our fingers crossed as it would be a great achievement.
e2mbcorp 6/12/2015 | 3:01:19 PM
Point to where it hurts Has everyone given up on fixing the actual problem in the underlying networks? It sure looks like it, because this amounts to not much more than everyone agreeing what color to paint the bed rooms when there is a massive flood in the basement.

First, migrate to a next generation switch architecture like Distributed Queuing at near-perfect throughput.  Second, see how much of this virtualization and soft solution setting is still necessary.

The DASH7 Alliance replaced Frame Slotted Aloha with Distributed Queuing at the MAC layer, and now they are at ~100% throughput...up from 36%.  As soon as ZigBee and the rest catch up, then at least we will have a common basis for interoperablity at the MAC layer, which is exactly what Ethernet brings to the general Internet. 

Unfortunately, Ethernet still requires middle hardware to be useful, but since Distributed Queue Switch Architecture can do Ethernet better than Ethernet, we can put an end to that too.
Ariella 6/12/2015 | 9:42:49 AM
Re: NIA Kick-off @Ray thanks for the info. It does look promising.
[email protected] 6/12/2015 | 9:31:06 AM
Re: NIA Kick-off In terms of the senior execs who were at BTE from companies that have shown an interest in the NIA concept, and who were available at short notice, Sandra Rivera from Intel was the lone woman up on the stage. When it comes to constructing a board for the NIA the aim will be diversity in all respects.

This initial 'meeting' was gathered at very short notice to spread the word about what the NIA is aiming to achieve -- which is to attempt to bring clarity to what is a very confusing landscape currently. the NIA will not be creating any specs or standards at all.

These are the first days of the idea -- as with any such initiative, there will be a lot of learning along the way. The aim, though, is clear and simple -- make it easy for people to find the latest information they need on NFV/SDN/virtualization/carrier cloud developments and organize independent tests that can help the vendors and service providers accelerate developments.

What this meeting showed was that there is a lot of interest in, and support for, the concept.  
Ariella 6/11/2015 | 6:40:24 PM
Re: NIA Kick-off @Ray There appears to be only one woman on the dais. Were there others that just aren't seen here?
bmaddalone 6/11/2015 | 5:03:10 PM
NIA Kick-off Great news! Glad to see all these players in the same room for the same purpose.  Let's just hope that all parties actually work together to get something accomplished.  
DHagar 6/11/2015 | 4:53:33 PM
Re: I'm Hopeful Tom Nolle, good points!  Agreed, just having a referee for musical chairs will not solve the barriers.  I am hopeful too, and am seeing the opportunity for "thoughtful" design that creates a workable definition/standards structure that enables multiple players to create viable platforms that advance the market?  Let's hope!
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