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5/29/2015 | 12:32:07 PM
Re: Can the EC Prove Point Topic Wrong
kq4ym, you make a good point.  Ten year goals with many required components, are more "aspirational" than goals for execution.  It would be interesting to look more closely at the EC plan to see what the assumptions were, what has changed, and what the purpose was.  It will also be interesting to now watch if they just "reset" the goals for the next ten years or truly break it down to achieve their universal digital connection vision.
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5/29/2015 | 11:17:18 AM
Re: Can the EC Prove Point Topic Wrong
I'm skeptical of ten year plans that have so many moving parts that it actually a gambling proposition whether the deadline can be met successfully. Setting the 2020 date might have seemed reasonable in 2010, but with differing economic climates during the decade it's not surprising that the mark will be missed.
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5/28/2015 | 2:29:56 PM
Re: Can the EC Prove Point Topic Wrong
Ray, the answer seems to lie in your report on the satellite option.  It appears that they need to use the full array of options to "connect the dots"?

Having said that, you are absolutely correct.  Although 90%+ may be good enough for some, it creates an island for those not connected.  We truly need to understand the magnitude of digital connectivity.

How does their penetration of digital connectivity compare to other regions around the world?  Like China, the Arab countries, and the US?
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5/28/2015 | 6:36:08 AM
Can the EC prove Point Topic wrong?
Can the EC prove Point Topic wrong? I doubt it. To start formulating new plans now to make up teh shortfall looks beyond the means of the slow-moving EC machine.

More importantly - does anyone care about those that will not have a fast broadband connection? Will 94-98% coverage of 30 Mbit/s be deemed 'good enough' by policymakers and governments?

Will 30 Mbit/s be sufficient for small businesses in 2020 anyway? 

Lots of questions, obviously. That digital divide might only impact a small percentage but it might be catastrohic in terms of education, heaklthcare, social inclusion and employment possibilities. 

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