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ErynLeavens 5/24/2015 | 6:56:55 PM
Re: Tablets Susan, yes, you're completely right. There are lots of educational tools and games available for kids as apps, and that's great. I think I was joking more about parents who just hand their kids iPads to watch TV or play Angry Birds. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that either, in moderation. 
Susan Fourtané 5/24/2015 | 6:37:16 PM
Re: Tablets Mike, that iPad Academy sounds interesting. Some schools around the globe have adopted iPads as regular teaching/learning tools. I believe this is great for the kids. It's brilliant you have been working with your son integrating apps and stuff. :) -Susan
MikeP688 5/24/2015 | 4:09:43 PM
Re: Tablets My Son's School operates a voluntary iPad Academy.  I am not sure if we've gotten in just yet--but I worked w/my Son over the Week-End for him to integrate some of the Apps.  The stuff they've done is quite innovative--but the problem is that we're behind in the United States from countries like Singapore due to a report on OECD.    
MikeP688 5/24/2015 | 4:07:59 PM
Nearly Fell Out of My Chair in Laughter :-) :-) Sometimes it is fab just to make light of the digitization we're subjected to.  I am not sure about "Cat Sitting"--but as I am kind of "tableted out", some of the things are quite cute!!  On a seirous note, though, the rise of the Phablets will continue to cause headaches for all--including the leading lights (Apple et. al).   I do wonder, also, about how long Microsoft will sustain its' efforts though.
Susan Fourtané 5/24/2015 | 2:00:28 PM
Re: Tablets Eryn, my three-year-old nephew has his own iPad, which belonged to his mother before she got her iPad Mini. He uses it to play educational games, learn languages, and watch educational videos on YouTube. There are plenty of educational apps for iOS. The iPad can be a great educational tool for kids, if their parents bother to spend some time choosing the right ones, downloading them, and teching their kids how to use them. With an iPad a kid can learn learn things he would never learn with a babysitter. -Susan
Susan Fourtané 5/24/2015 | 1:51:02 PM
Re: Tablets bulk, I have used my iPad Air 2 every day since I got it, and I constantly carry it with me. It has become a work tool as well. I also got an iPhone 6 Plus, which I love; I also use it as a work tool. :) -Susan
ErynLeavens 5/22/2015 | 7:16:45 PM
Re: Tablets Yep, this scenario seems to be becoming more common as phones get supersized. There's really not much of a size difference between the iPad Mini and the iPhone 6!
ErynLeavens 5/22/2015 | 7:15:10 PM
Re: Tablets Or just handing kids the entire tablet to play games or watch a show. Tablets are the new babysitters.
melao2 5/22/2015 | 1:01:23 PM
Re: Tablets Amem to that.

All of my "computing on the go" necessities are being handled by my phone and my laptop.

My tablet was collecting dust untill I decied to buy an iRig and plug my guitar on it. 

So my tablet now is a single purpose device, replacing other single purpose devices that could perform better than it in that single purpose. 


Maybe Microsoft idea on surface turns out to be the best one. Too bad it is failing a bit in excecution still.
thebulk 5/22/2015 | 12:32:23 PM
Re: Tablets I have used my iPad mini just about every day since I first got it, mostly for reading books and journal papers and I use a few other productivity apps on it. But yesterday I got a new iPhone 6 plus and my plan is to use that in place of my iPhone and my iPad mini, so far I am happy with it, so now I have a small cutting board and a paperwieght. 
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