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KBode 4/24/2015 | 11:01:38 AM
Amazing... Amazing that this probably could have all been avoided if Comcast had spent a few million more on customer service to shore up its bad reputation. While the FCC and DOJ certainly had other ammo to reject the deal, the massive negative public sentiment played a starring role in the scrapping of this deal. And that sentiment was born from not spending enough money on customer service after growing exceptionally fast since the company's 1963 birth.
Mitch Wagner 4/24/2015 | 11:04:02 AM
Charter So Comcast gives back the ring and cancels the wedding?

Does this mean Charter shows up on TWC's door with flowers and candy?
Ariella 4/24/2015 | 12:02:23 PM
Re: Amazing... @Kbode It's possible peole would have been less hostile to the intended merger if they had a warmer feeling about Comcast. But I wonder if there was also something else to it. At least one FB group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/Comcastdeception/?fref=nf is declaring this a victory.
KBode 4/24/2015 | 2:19:52 PM
Re: Charter One report this afternoon suggested that Charter execs have already reached out to Time Warner Cable to begin negotiating a new deal. (edit: not sure why  this comment got downvoted?)
smkinoshita 4/24/2015 | 3:36:37 PM
Re: Amazing... I'm just glad the thing got scrapped.  The last thing I want to see is TWC get any bigger than it already is.
FbytF 4/24/2015 | 4:03:14 PM
Comcast walks Comcast and TWC merging would have only accomplished two turds making a pile of sh$t
KBode 4/24/2015 | 5:48:30 PM
Re: Comcast walks Maybe not the most scientific analysis ever, but I believe the DOJ, FCC, and most consumers agree with you!
DHagar 4/24/2015 | 6:24:20 PM
Re: Charter Mitch Wagner, I think so!  I think Charter will try to be the knight in shining armour! (this could reveal if the objection was the wedding or the pairing?)  I think that with the right players, the deal will go through.

I recommend keeping the flowers and cake on order!
DHagar 4/24/2015 | 6:28:04 PM
Re: Amazing Ariella, I see Comcast as the primary issue as well.  I think this was more putting the brakes on Comcast - there obviously is a lack of trust.
thebulk 4/25/2015 | 4:31:51 AM
Re: Charter @Mitch, its possible, perhaps very likely. How do you think Cox fits in to the new open playing field. They are bigger than Charter but smaller than TWC and also privatly owned. 
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