danielcawrey 4/27/2015 | 12:08:20 PM
Re: MS swoopdown With all the problems Qualcomm has with Apple, Samsung and China the outlook does not appear to be good. IoT may be a good growth sector for the company, but we're not seeing that scale up as quickly as maybe people thought that it would. 

We'll see. I have confidence Qualcomm will figure it out. 
MordyK 4/25/2015 | 3:46:59 AM
Re: MS swoopdown Lots of things can be said about Qualcomm, but weak isnt one of them.
kq4ym 4/24/2015 | 7:17:20 PM
Re: MS swoopdown A billion seems like a lot, but it was interesting to see the stock market immediately only went down by a couple of percent even though the loss predicted in revenue was about four percent. It will be interesting to see how Qualcomm fares this year. No bets from me though.
jabailo 4/23/2015 | 10:49:42 AM
MS swoopdown I've read Microsoft is partnering with them for IoT applications.

Maybe they sense a weak player (like they did with Nokia) ripe for the picking.