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4/23/2015 | 10:12:48 AM
Re: drones
Automation started displacing labor when the first wheel rolled off the assembly stone. The pace of that displacement continues to accelerate. Clearly, though, the idea of replacing C-level executives with robots is somethiing we all should be looking forward to. Especially shareholders -- think of the overhead savings and margin improvements.
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4/22/2015 | 9:06:44 PM
Re: drones
I know people are wary of the idea that drones will take away jobs – and they should be concerned about this. Do I think drones and robots will take everyone's job? No. But they are going to certainly ursurp at least some of them. 
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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4/22/2015 | 12:17:28 PM
Re: drones
20+ years ago, Nicholas Negroponte said that if your job has "agent" in the title, it's in danger of being automated out of business by the Internet. 

The same can be said today for inspectors, delivery services, and drones. 
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4/22/2015 | 11:11:39 AM
For certain jobs, the drones would be like any other equipment -- a help rather than a replacement. That would certainly apply to surveying. Surveyors already make use of high-tech gadgets that use GPS to take reads on places that are not easily traversed by foot. That just gives them the data; they still have to come up with the report and planning based on it.

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