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4/17/2015 | 12:21:14 PM
Re: Irrelevancy rules
CEOs like to make these kinds of pronouncements, but it's hard to envision any consolidation that lowers the the number of operators to two or less. To your other point, do you think there's a case to be made for a niche operator that just focuses on IoT mobile services?
Steve Bell
Steve Bell
4/17/2015 | 12:05:06 PM
Re: IoT Wait & See
Excellent observation Gabriel, I think that the lesson learnt over the last 10 years is that although standards are great you can't ignore new or adjacent technologies. I believe the concept of het nets was a direct response to benefits of Wi-Fi, and this architectural concept gives the opportunity for operators to trial and embrace LPWA earlier rather than later.
Steve Bell
Steve Bell
4/17/2015 | 12:04:03 PM
Re: Irrelevancy rules
Dennis the irrelevance quote was from the interview Steve Saunders did with John Chambers and yes there are 3 or 4 providers in most markets today but that could change rapidly because of 3 things:

1.       Inability to respond to customer requirements because of technology shifts (LPWA)

2.       Inappropriate and inflexible cost structure because no investment in NFV

3.       Price pressure in consumer markets and OTT competition

It could go multiple ways including consolidation of the existing players and / or the introduction of numerous niche players serving new markets.
4/17/2015 | 10:12:58 AM
Irrelevancy rules
Steve -- Can you explain the "40% to 50% of service providers may become irrelevant" observation a bit more? The mobile sector is already basically a three- or four-horse race in most markets.
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
4/17/2015 | 4:53:53 AM
IoT Wait & See
Good piece Steve. This is exactly the position many mobile operators (and others) find themselves in. Wait and deploy IoT using LTE-M with in-band spectrum, or go early with a specialist, out-of-band solution.

What would you advise? The column appears to advocate moving sooner with LPWA.
4/16/2015 | 9:11:28 PM
under the radar
Somehow I had not heard of this until today. LPWA is very promising, but remains under the radar. It appears to be a wild card that can go in any direction. Something to keep a close eye on.

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