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Steve Saunders 4/2/2015 | 11:49:26 AM
Re: Ericsson down - Huawei HQ next? Hi Sowen,

Yes, I've asked to interview their "rotating CEO" (http://on.aol.com/video/chinese-man-sets-record-spinning-in-a-circle-for-14-hours-518521368) 

Ericisson has 37,000 patents and was explaining the tech patent process to me - which is different for enterprise than it is for telecom. If you have a telecom patent the convention is to share it ... then get a percentage of the revenue of products that implement it. I enterprise you sit on your patent and sue the feck out of anyone that tries to use the tech.

This is another reason i love telecom, obviously. 

Mitch Wagner 4/2/2015 | 11:43:07 AM
White box Ericsson's model for a white box is intriguing indeed. The Google "scale out" model for servers works inside the data center -- add fiber to the mix and you've got something that can work across geographic boundaries. 
sowen557 4/2/2015 | 10:01:52 AM
Ericsson down - Huawei HQ next? Steve - visit Huawei's HQ and understand why they again are the number one Patent company in EU.  They filed 1,077 European patent applications miles ahead of the rest of the tech community.

They are ready to rule the world.
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