sarahthomas1011 3/30/2015 | 1:37:52 PM
Re: Citizens I don't get that impression. The Microsoft initiative is separate (but related), and the iTA has IoT meetups that are open to the public. The council is adding members as well, which could include more citizen representation, although I think it'll come down to how easy they make it to offer feedback/influence projects.
Mitch Wagner 3/30/2015 | 1:32:42 PM
Citizens Seems like Chicago's citizens are an afterthought in this whole initiative, added to the ITA to provide privacy and security perspective, and not even mentioned by Microsoft. Shouldn't the purpose of government initiatives be to improve citizens' lives, not serve the needs of business?
waliurrahman 3/28/2015 | 6:53:08 PM
Interesting IoT is all about automation, what services city is trying to develop? Who owns the IP rights from the innovation council. This would be interesting to watch how it turns out. I am all for it, it's about time.
nasimson 3/27/2015 | 10:31:57 AM
Re: Chicago: Home of the IoT @Sarah: good luck to Chicago. It can really serve as a role model for the urban world. Five LR editors is a game changer. No other city has this advantage.
sarahthomas1011 3/25/2015 | 12:16:12 PM
Chicago: Home of the IoT Chicago has all the components -- government support, startups, private investment, tech companies, five Light Reading editors, BTE, public transportation -- needed to make IoT huge here. We need to get Gigabit fiber here, but all the groundwork is being laid now.