Michel 3/20/2015 | 6:30:16 AM
Congrats ! Congrats to Orange for this major step in the domain of SDN/NFV !
Mitch Wagner 3/18/2015 | 8:38:26 PM
Re: Keeps coming up It isn't so much a matter of SMBs implementing NFV in their internal systems, as carriers using NFV to serve SMBs.
danielcawrey 3/18/2015 | 8:21:08 PM
Re: Keeps coming up I wouldn't peg the SMB market as the target for NFV. But maybe I just am not carefully paying attention to the landscape. 

It would seem to me midsize or larger organizations would be prime candidates for implementing NFV into existing systems.

Why go SMB?
Mitch Wagner 3/18/2015 | 4:02:46 PM
Keeps coming up This issue of carriers using NFV and SDN to appeal to SMBs has been coming up on LR a few times lately. Earlier, Ray Le Maistre wrote about how the technology might help carriers crack the tough SMB market. And Cisco cited penetrating the SMB market as a motivator behind big  deals with DT, Telstra, and Telecom Italia.