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melao2 3/17/2015 | 9:06:07 AM
Re: rural and reallllly remote I suppose rural coverage should be established with higher power cells that can cover large areas.

So one a good solution is a macro site actually, with frequency in the lower side of the spectrum. Here we are thinking about 450Mhz for such cases.


I think it is actually the opposite from what you suggested :)
PaulERainford 3/17/2015 | 5:29:07 AM
Re: You forgot Everest! You're right, Robert, that's a shocking omission. And there'd be no coverage for Free Mobile either. (Not least coz they're French, but hey, that's the best I could come up with at this time in the morning.)
R Clark 3/16/2015 | 11:31:54 PM
Re: You forgot Everest! Can't believe you left out a small cells pun on the Alcatraz one.
ErynLeavens 3/16/2015 | 12:55:51 PM
Re: You forgot Everest! Ooh, great addition, @TeleWRTRLiz!
ErynLeavens 3/16/2015 | 12:54:42 PM
Re: rural and reallllly remote Exactly! Throwing practicality out the window.
sarahthomas1011 3/16/2015 | 12:22:05 PM
rural and reallllly remote I'm not sure some of these places are what the Small Cell Forum had in mind when it put outs its release five for rural and remote areas, but hey, why not? Connectivity is becoming essential wherever you are. I imagine backhaul and site leases will be hard to come by, but it's worth a try...
TeleWRTRLiz 3/16/2015 | 12:10:56 PM
You forgot Everest! Since they are small, the loyal Sherpas could haul the gear easily across the Khumbu Icefall's network of ladders. Don't look down though.
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