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3/12/2015 | 12:31:32 PM
All Throttling?
The phrase on trottling sounds vague.

Are they only talking about throttling in relation to other providers?

Or are they talking about throttling users who watch more content than others per month?

  "Consumers who subscribe to a retail broadband Internet access service must get what they have paid for "

 So if I paid for 40 Mbps access, I should always get that throughput regardless of my usage?
3/12/2015 | 12:22:59 PM
Still seems ambiguous...
There's still oodles of ambiguity here I imagine will make many on both sides a little nervous. The FCC says it's implementing a "general conduct" rule that gives it the power to tackle some of the more tangental aspects of neutrality (zero rating, interconnection), then proceeds to make it pretty clear they don't intend to act on that front, even though places like zero rating is where the most creative abuses of neutrality are likely to happen.

Even though the rules are now out, I'm not sure we'll actually get a good idea of where the FCC's head is at until we have some concrete examples of what they're going to declare anti-competitive neutrality abuses.
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