Mitch Wagner 3/4/2015 | 4:22:54 PM
Global Mobile Domination Brocade's new CEO:

rocket101 3/4/2015 | 2:09:46 PM
Can a storage vendor get into Mobile packet core business?? >>All of a sudden we're a leading EPC vendor, and all of a sudden we are at the >>core of mobile networks," says Ken Cheng Brocade, CTO and senior VP of >>corporate development and emerging business

Really? Does this person even know how dificult is it to gain entry into a mobile packet core for a newbie? Does anyone recollect what happend with Juniper MobileNext and Tellabs EPC story? Plus Connectem's core nodes is proprietory and does not confirm to 3GPP, what about Interop? Not sure what Brocade is gona achieve with this acquisition?


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