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11/28/2015 | 5:28:53 AM
Hey Ma, that's a monopoly..!
In the US, telecommunications companies have been forced to upgrade networks to both Fiber and HFC networks to create redundant networks which meet consumer demand and incentivize competition.  

The issue is, and has always been that twisted pair copper doesn't scale, and will always have a fixed bandwidth of 300-350Mhz.  Regulators are making a mistake in saying a "virtual" service is the same as a physical one.  Who owns the meter..? 

As a former Government-owned monopoly, and part of the Germany's post office, Deutsche telekom will always have built-in bureacracy. 

Deutsche Telekom is only going to do what the law says it SHOULD do, and not what it COULD do from a service perspective. 

For example, to maintain a wireless license in the US, the letter of the law states that wireless providers are only required to provide coverage to 70% of the licensed service area.  This FCC requirement leaves up to 30% of the area to be un-covered, but still covered on the map.  As another example, Deutsche Telekom's US division was found guilty in issues of labor.  The company required female employees to sign gag orders when they have become victims of sexual harassment.  Deutsche Telekom has ignore requests of its employees, along with 20 elected members of congress, and also the orders in the Court (NLRB) Ruling where Deutsche Telekom was found guilty of 11 counts.  (only appealed two).   What kind of service would you expect from a company that operates this way, and by extension of the Federal Government ownership, will never fail..?

Not only should this be questioned; but DT's attempt to acquire British Telecom is also now very suspect.  The technology is designed in a way that prevents choice, competition, and requires goverment to pick companies to become monopolies.
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2/24/2015 | 3:14:49 PM
Deutsche Telekom is certainly not the only European operator resisting FTTH but its broadband strategy does seem to lack a degree of ambition -- especially considering how far-sighted the operator looks when it comes to IP network investments and even technologies like SDN and NFV. 

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