kq4ym 2/25/2015 | 9:40:04 AM
Re: Dish and Dish Sling While I've not been a Dish subscriber, I did cancel my Directv several years ago, electing to go over the air, and then add a Roku box. The monthy saving were more than worth it for me as I rarely watched most of the channels on satellite tv. I suspect that's the big problem, and why folks are leaving that arena. But 14 million more or less subscribers is still a large chunk of change. Losing a few dozen thousand subscribers probably isn't going to make much immediate difference.
jwils5396 2/24/2015 | 1:27:14 PM
Dish and Dish Sling First of all, I have been bitten by Dish dishonestly and poor customer service twice over the years. There will not be a third time.

Second, Sling TV utalizes streaming service and streaming will eventually surplant cable and sattelite service. But to be truly effective and successful, it will have to be an ala carte service, not the 'I will tell you what you can watch" service offered by Dish Sling. After all, three times last year Dish screwed over it's customers by changing programming package content. Why do they think we can trust them now?
jabailo 2/24/2015 | 12:52:22 PM
Why A Dish? I see the utility of having a dish from a satellite from downlink from the network infrastructure side (not gumming up trunk lines) but from the consumer side, if he is already paying for Internet with high bandwidth (and in Seattle CenturyLink is rolling out 1Gpbs) you could ask why each residence needs a Dish.  That said, the purchase of DirecTV by AT*T makes sense not just because of the subscriber list, but also because that satellite network might better serve as a midrange connector.  Imagine a dish not on homes, but at a local neighborhood receiving station, leaving the last miles to fiber or even LTE.

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