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User Rank: Light Beer
2/23/2015 | 9:57:25 PM
Re: It seems T-Mobile should move.

This is true. And even if the talent was available in said areas, it may still end up being cheaper for the Google's & Microsoft's to relocate them due to infrastructure concerns.
User Rank: Blogger
2/23/2015 | 8:58:04 PM
Re: It seems T-Mobile should move.
Always bear in mind that a Google link-up has not actually been confirmed, could be one of those ever green rumors again... 

Although Google is certainly staffing up with wireless talent right now.
User Rank: Light Sabre
2/23/2015 | 10:50:50 AM
Re: It seems T-Mobile should move.
Though you are right about the high minimum wage in Seattle, how many of T-Mobile workers are at the minimum? Also, while certain workers can be anywhere, not all areas provide the pools of talent that companies need. On simply a cost of business basis, Google, Microsoft and many others could operate much more cheaply from nowhere Kentucky, farmtown Iowa or middle of nowhere Alabama than where their headquarters are now. But talent, infrastructure and other elements need to be considered as well.
User Rank: Light Sabre
2/21/2015 | 10:18:29 PM
Re: It seems T-Mobile should move.
Their financial numbers seem strong enough to keep them heading the way they have been. Getting spectrum, teaming up with partners Google and/or Dish could further strengthen the company even without winning all the wanted FCC auctions.
User Rank: Light Beer
2/21/2015 | 12:34:47 PM
Re: It seems T-Mobile should move.
Is it just coincidence that when you rearrange the letters in your user name, VernonDozier, it also spells Verizon Drone?
User Rank: Moderator
2/20/2015 | 8:53:35 PM
It seems T-Mobile should move.
One of the biggest problems with T-Mobile is the physical location in Seattle. 

As one of the highest-priced labor markets, (including in terms of minimum wages) T-Mobile will always need to cut corners.   As an example, just look at their map... It hasn't changed in 10 years.   That's called "paralysis by analysis" and it's a big problem.

T-Mobile would have to move its office out of Seattle to be able to compete. 

I think this physical location, and dreary winters is why everyone with T-Mobile service is real depressed. 

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