aamir786 8/17/2019 | 4:39:50 AM
good "LTE-U is a nice feature when it comes to garnering all available capacity, however, there are things that need to be sorted out in the enterprise community," Haraldsvik said. "They look at unlicensed WiFi as their spectrum. If there's a mobile technology making use of unlicensed spectrum, they will have concerns about interference with their existing deployments."

sarahthomas1011 2/18/2015 | 11:08:23 AM
Winning the IP race Bernstein Research says Verizon will be the first all-IP carrier: "Verizon will be the first U.S. telco to complete the transition to an all IP network, facilitated by the refarming over the next 5-8 years of its PCS (1.9GHz) and Cellular (850MHz) spectrum currently used for 2G/3G services. Its vision of an unregulated, all-IP network may also explain the company's zealous opposition to the FCC's Title II reclassification of broadband in the context of new net-neutrality rules."
sarahthomas1011 2/17/2015 | 6:56:54 PM
AWS wins There was also a lot of good info about Verizon's spectrum holdings on the call today. It has 40MHz of AWS spectrum in 92 of the top 100 markets today. It's covering 95% now, up from 70% before the auction, so it's reputation for the most reliable network should hold strong for years to come.