melao2 2/9/2015 | 10:51:31 AM
Re: NFV progress Most of the NFV deployments I have seen so far are either in the access part (vCPE) or in the PS Core part (vEPC, vIMS,vPCRF etc).

I wonder when a full scale deployment of NFV will be taken to the transport/IP side of the networks. This will fun times in my opinion.

Now we see NFV as enablers of applications, but still has not changed too many paradigms in network construction, ok maybe that's an understantement, but further on it will be a real paradigm shift.
cnwedit 2/6/2015 | 5:06:00 PM
Re: NFV progress This is certainly a period in which we will see more vendors trying to stake turf in NFV deployments - SK Telecom is a great "get" and even if Samsung might have the home field advantage, gaining real-world experience with a major player has to be a boon to its other aspirations. 
iainmorris 2/6/2015 | 11:19:00 AM
NFV progress Look out for some NFV announcements at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Telefonica took the NFC limelight last year, when it announced plans to virtualize 30% of new platforms by 2016, and it will be interesting to see what progress it's making towards that goal.
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