Mitch Wagner 2/5/2015 | 1:08:55 PM
Re: year of mobile ads? "You're walking past Starbucks and an ad for coffee pops up" is a hypothetical. I haven't seen that either. 

Based on what we're seeing on the conventional Web, I don't see personalization having a lot of promise. Personalized ads on the web mostly seem to consist of showing me ads for things I've already decided I don't want to buy. 

(It's a khaki beltless safari jacket. My wife says since I already wear khaki pants nearly every day, if I had the jacket too I'd look like I work at the San Diego Zoo.)
sarahthomas1011 2/5/2015 | 11:35:16 AM
Re: year of mobile ads? Yeah, I agree, however, that ideal of "you're walking past Starbucks and an ad for coffee pops up!" still hasn't happened, at least in my experience. Targeting is still pretty bad. Funny that we want it to be better, but don't want our privacy invaded. Hard to have one without the other.
Mitch Wagner 2/4/2015 | 4:58:14 PM
Re: year of mobile ads? Location is the opportuntiy for mobile ads -- show people what opportunities are around them where they are. 

But the ads have to be focused. No sense in showing ads for burger joints to vegans. 

Maps are to mobile ads what search was to thedesktop Internet. If I'm just walking down the street an ad on my mobile is an annoyance. But if I open up my maps app and search on "coffee," well, ads become useful information to me. 
sarahthomas1011 2/4/2015 | 4:53:13 PM
Re: year of mobile ads? That sounds like another potential role for mobile operators -- acting as the gatekeeper for ads and only letting in those that are relevant. That involves a certain degree of customer info though, which brings up the privacy concerns. However, I think, as Mitch said, almost anything would be seen an obtrosive just given the small real estate of a smartphone screen.
smkinoshita 2/4/2015 | 4:44:08 PM
Re: year of mobile ads? In terms of mobile ads analytics, the important part will be seeing if the users are actually interacting with the ads or only clicked them out of error.

The problem I see is that too many scams or shady advertisers on mobile ads.  I think before mobile advertising will be a real thing there's going to need to be some effort made to keep the riff raff out and more effort needs to be put in matching up the ads to where they're shown.  Not just in terms of what's being advertised, but how.
Mitch Wagner 2/4/2015 | 4:38:21 PM
Re: year of mobile ads? I question whether advertising even works on the mobile Internet. The screens are so small, and people engage with their phones in short bursts of time. 

And I wonder whether sponsored content would run afoul of net neutrality restrictions. 
sarahthomas1011 2/4/2015 | 2:17:28 PM
year of mobile ads? I'm not going to say 2015 if the year of the mobile ads, because that's been said every year, but it definitely seems like operators are taking them much more seriously now. They are exploring any way to get involved from super cookies to APIs to blocking ads (remember, Shine?). I thin the API strategy is the best route, but data has to be exposed so carefully or the backlash will be quite strong. It already has been and only the surface has been skimmed so far.