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1/30/2015 | 1:31:59 PM
Re: Okay and...


My thoughts...regulation maybe but I always think of it as a way to spend money.


1/30/2015 | 10:53:10 AM
Re: Okay and...
It's worth an hour to listen to the meeting video to understand the agendas in play.

The question raised amounts to whether ADSL/ADSL+ on CSA-designed plant is real broadband or not.  If it's excluded by definition, the broadband map changes dramatically.  It means that a lot of folks suddenly have no access to broadband service, and a lot of other folks find that broadband service has become a monopoly.  This is a bad thing for incumbents.  Of most direct concern is that it could be seen as a pretext for stronger regulation.  It also raises the investment bar for wireline incumbents, particularly with respect to future subsidy programs. 

Chairman Wheeler's suggestion that ISPs speak with forked tongue is... amusing.  Let's say (for the sake of euphemism) that neither the regulatory pleadings nor the marketing pitch are rooted in empirical evidence.  But it should be obvious that the engineers were'nt consulted in either case.
1/29/2015 | 6:09:44 PM
Okay and...
So now somebody has their service reclassified to "narrowband" or "mediumband".  And?


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