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1/29/2015 | 2:18:49 PM
Re: Mission accomplished
It is interesting that they have about 20% of the broadband and pay tv market. Nothing to sneeze at, but in this very competitive marketplace it will be interesting to see what will happen in coming years with U-verse and it's competitors playing against  Apple, Google, Roku and others.
1/28/2015 | 1:52:51 PM
Re: Mission accomplished


I'm in agreeance with you, though I haven't really put enough thought into it to have a strong stance, I definitely feel content is king, and now that will include content creation, (basically what you said).  The other thing I feel will be a key difference will be mobile integration, granted that OTT may equalize some of this, but if you control the systems for both content delivery and the mobile distribution, it should somehow be better.  For technology delivery like 4k, once one guy deploys the guys will deploy as well, however securing that content will be the issue.

1/28/2015 | 11:16:27 AM
Re: Mission accomplished

Other than the telco buildout, the last significant market share change in the Pay TV market was NFL Sunday Ticket.

So, either it will be a format that can do something that the other providers either can't or dont' (like all 4K channels) or some proprietary content.


1/28/2015 | 10:44:54 AM
Mission accomplished
When telcos were entering the video business years ago, we projected they'd end up with a market share of roughly 20 percent. And that's pretty much where they've ended up. Do you see any reason to think that share can or should go higher?

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