sowen557 4/15/2015 | 12:45:37 PM
Re: Translation update - 4,000 pardons over many years, not just in 2014 How many Senior Staff have rotated through the doors of Huawei since '87?  20000?  A 25% turn over of those who were caught! (Mostly Senior!!)  Seems really huge to me.  You would have thought more senior people would have sacraficed low level plebs instead of taking the honorable death.

"Ren admitted that Huawei had "pardoned" about 4,000 staff (mostly senior) during the company's lifetime (it was founded in 1987) for breaches of corporate conduct, including corrupt practices such as filing false sales numbers. But "we can't stop growing just because of the challenges of corruption,"
Kruz 1/25/2015 | 3:25:09 PM
Re: Growth and its challenges It seems what contributed mainly to Huawei's revenue growth is the consumer business(smartphones). Huawei's 2014 revenue from this business went up 32% from the previous year.
kq4ym 1/23/2015 | 11:42:12 AM
Re: Growth and its challenges And how reliable can we guess the 20% growth is in reality? With some thinking back to "corrupt practices such as filing false sales numbers" in the distnat past and the uncertainty of the Chinese economy's ability to continue like it has for the past decade, maybe this is more hope and wishing than a reality? But, it they can keep it up as forcast, that's one problem we'd all like.
[email protected] 1/22/2015 | 8:44:18 AM
Translation update - 4,000 pardons over many years, not just in 2014 Ren was speaking in Chinese (as you would imagine...) and was being translated.

It seems the translator mistakenly said that 4,000 Huawei staff had been pardoned in 2014, whereas it is 4,000 staff during Huawei's existance, rather than in just one year. The article has been updated to reflect this.
[email protected] 1/22/2015 | 6:29:30 AM
Growth and its challenges So Ren talked about sales growth and its challenges -- that's a lot of people to be pardoning...

What he didn't get into is where this growth is coming from -- domestic or international, handsets and enterprise mostly and little from carrier networks?

It will be interesting to see how the shape of Huawei's business changes in the next few years and what inpact the end of 4G rollouts in China will have to Huawei's numbers.

But however you look at it -- have ing 20% revenue growth is one of the better problems to have, it would seem. 
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