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Susan Fourtané 1/12/2015 | 3:58:59 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! melao2, 

I am not sure if it's a matter of environment, or if it's the way things are done and the priorities of the governments.

Sweden is a very advanced country and one which adopts all new technologies fast. Sweden is also becoming the first cashfree country in the world by 2030. The process is quite advanced already. Meanwhile, in the US, cheques still exist. 

melao2 1/9/2015 | 6:46:37 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! Hi Susan, sorry if I sounded angry, it was not my intention . I was actually trying to joke a bit. My point is that Sweden will be first for sure. They have an easier environment.
Susan Fourtané 1/9/2015 | 2:57:01 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! melao2, 

What's your point? Do you mean that Sweden can't be a first adopter because it should wait until New York or LA can have the traffic conditions and regulations in place for autonomous cars? 

I am not comparing. It's not a matter of comparison. I simply shared something that is happening elsewhere in connection with Dan's comment about autonomous cars and regulations.

You don't have to become angry simply because something can be done somewhere else on the planet and not in New York --for now--. 

melao2 1/8/2015 | 7:19:34 PM
Re: Autonomous cars! Hi Susan, also Sweden has a lot easier traffic for the cars to handle.

C'mon compare Stocolm's traffic to New York or LA. 

The enviroment is much more controlled, so the law could be lighter.
kq4ym 1/8/2015 | 11:15:17 AM
Re: Spiders from Mars I can't see myself buying a wearable anytime soon unless it was at some giveaway price of say, free.  But, it looks like massage chairs and booth babes still have some market value and consumer demand, at least at trade shows!
Mitch Wagner 1/8/2015 | 11:07:24 AM
Spiders from Mars

I'm skeptical that either VR headsets or smart watches will make much of  dent in the market. I'm just not seeing the value. 

As for smart watches, I already *have* a wearable computer that does a wonderful job. I put my iPhone in my pocket. I'm wearing it. 

As for VR headsets -- I can't see people spending much time with boxes strapped to their faces. 

Both of these are niche products, for specific needs, at least for a while. 

Damn AT&T and its cold pizza! That's a metaphor for something!

jabailo 1/8/2015 | 6:50:00 AM
Open Source Hydrogen I was following Toyota's presentation by Professor Michio Kaku.  Toyota announced it would be making its patents open for free use by the public that are used by the 2015 Mirai, Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car!   This is to spur the accelerated developing of an entire infrastructure for hydrogen.   Japan is very advanced in this area, claiming that when it hosts the 2020 Olympics, it will create a Hydrogen Village, run on the clean gas and fuel cells!

Susan Fourtané 1/8/2015 | 5:57:04 AM
Technology and massage My favorites are the cars --that Maserati looks super--, the drones, the Intel robot spiders, and the massage chairs. :D The pizza looks good, too, even if it was cold.

"Light Reading went off in search of more coffee instead."

Maybe because the relaxing chairs were all taken? It seems to be a new fashion to add free massage at the events. In a BioHacker Summit in Helsinki last month there was free Shiatsu massage. :) It was lovely as part of a tea break.

Susan Fourtané 1/8/2015 | 4:07:47 AM
Re: Autonomous cars! Dan, 

In the US the regulations for autonomous cars are not quite ready, but in Sweden it's different. By 2020 autonomous cars will be a reality. The difference with Sweden is that autonomous cars have the support of the government. 

DanJones 1/7/2015 | 8:08:37 PM
Re: Autonomous cars! I hear 2020 being bandied about as a perspective date but given the pace that federal regulation moves, I dunno, that seems *unlikely* to me.
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