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12/16/2014 | 10:56:48 AM
Re: Cold sweat
It is more complicated that just the issues here.  

Are there rental instances as well as purchased ones?  How are licensed managed and billed for?  How are disputes resolved?  I think this will be a pretty big bunch of friction.


Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell
12/16/2014 | 12:42:17 AM
Cloud offers business case transformation
Yes! NFV is the latest and greatest technology but it offers a technology evolution, not business model transformation.

NFV lacks an elastic business model (vendors want to sell you something and generally not for less). The cloud is the true path forward as it fundamentally transforms the business model to risk-free, success-based SaaS pricing vs build it and (we hope) they come with CAPEX and fixed OPEX.

When it comes to voice, a market where revenue is declining, the IMS/NFV proposition is a real head scratcher for providers. Mr vendor: you want me to spend $xx million to build a network that will make me less money over time?

Traditional vendors are going to be hard pressed to embrace this change in business model from CAPEX to SaaS. The new cloud voice platform approach is here from upstarts like Alianza, Twillio and 2600hz. Some established VoIP players are also trying it: BroadSoft (with BroadCloud) and GENBAND (with Kandy and Nuvia). Metaswitch is also trying a different twist with open source. But the all-in new players are the ones investing in the model and are 100% motivated for it to succeed.

Read more here:
R Clark
R Clark
12/15/2014 | 8:36:39 PM
Re: Cold sweat
Interesting topic, and a handy ice-breaker at the Huawei Xmas party tomorrow.

[email protected]
12/15/2014 | 3:07:50 PM
Cold sweat
I can hear the sweat beads rolling down the noses of vendor sales execs...

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